30 augustus 2007

Cor and Cigdem

Cor is 38 and has been living here for 18 years.
Cigdem is 27 and has been living here for 12 years.

I now start to get a really good image of Rapenland. All these pictures show hopeful spirits, but unfortunately that is not the only thing I see and hear. I see angry faces too. Luckily, most people who don't want to be pictured, don't mind telling me why. They don't like to be 'known in' or 'associated with' this neighbourhood. If I tell them that this is the exact reason I am doing this project for, they are usually somewhat interested. But convincing them hardly ever happens (although it did happen). Of course, some people simply think their hair doesn't look nice or they are afraid of who might get these pictures in hands..

Also many people complain about the 'neglected' gardens of their neighbours. This is something only Dutch people complain about - which I, as a belgian, think is rather funny because it is so cliche for Dutch people to use their front gardens to show off how good and lovely people they are. Nevertheless, it is certain that the streets are neglected too and that does not improve the general impression at all.

And last but not least: everybody seems to need good neighbours indeed. Most of the Dutch people (but also some foreigners) wished they could have more small talk with their neighbours from time to time. The percentage of Dutch people is pretty low here and they all live spread out through the area so they don't meet each other easily. Also to this problem the best solution is probably to make sure as many people as possible learn to speak Dutch and are brought together from time to time to communicate about all kinds of trivial things.