29 augustus 2007


Paloma is 38 and has been living here for 2 years.
This morning I went out at 8 to 'catch' the people going to work or to school. I only managed to take photographs of 4 more people and arrange an appointment with 2 others this afternoon. I have the idea that I have spoken to most of the inhabitants now - or at least one person from every house. Almost everybody seems to know about the project now and either they like it or they don't know. Very few people are hostile. It only strikes me that most of the boys between 15 and 20 think I am from the police. They don't want to be photgraphed for that reason... I do have to say that I appreciate the honesty with which they speak to me, they simply say they don't want to be 'known' to the police. So far I have only met 1 rather agressive boy who shouted at me asking 'what's the use' and 'why this neighbourhood'.
Puberty is puberty... They have to try to be different and not part of anything..unfortunately. Some of them would make the prettiest pictures. They all take much care of their looks.