27 augustus 2007

Meyram and Cem

Meyram, 35 with Cem, 9. They have been living around here for 5 years now.

Something I need to write down because it really has strikken me today:
How all people, whether they be Senegalese, Spanish, Polish, Turkish or Dutch: they are all proud of their children. And mostly of their parents too. Most people prefer to be pictured with either their kids or their parents. Or even they prefer me to only picture their kids or their parents, as long as they themselves are 'saved'. The hardest thing is to photograph people of my own generation. They appear to be the most suspicious of all. I had expected the opposite. Of course, today I was mainly shooting while most of those people were out for work, so maybe the coming days will prove me wrong.
Furthermore, Muslim people cannot be pictured most of the time. And there are quite some of them in Rapenland. I am searching for a solution to this - I might start photographing their hands or something. If they even allow me that. I have enough of their children by now...;-)