07 juni 2013

New bags

Bags with printed drawing on strong banner-like plastic and an extra pocket inside.
The bags are for sale on random art occasions and in 
- Van Abbemuseum shop, Eindhoven (NL)
- M HKA, Antwerp (B)
- YKSI, Eindhoven
You can also send an email to info@grietmenschaert.be

view all models here
prices between 22 and 29,90 euros.

In 2012 I started this collaborative project with Ukrainian design-sewing couple Varia Karamushka and Vitaly Dushka, from Korotich - near Kharkov. I met and worked with them for the first time when I staid at their home in April 2012 to re-discover my position in arts.

The bags are our bridge: I deliver drawings and ideas, V&V add their experience to the design and realize it, assisted by some other ladies from their village. This exchange project gives all of us the opportunity to both build on our expertise and explore new boundaries of our (way of) work(ing).