09 februari 2015

Going back to Ukraine + GREAT news

27 euros
     Next week I am travelling from the Netherlands to Kharkiv, Ukraine to work with my friends Vitaly and Varia. Ever since 2012 we have been collaborating on a collection of bags, which has been a wonderful privilege so far. Our bags are for sale in two famous museums of Contemporary Art: the Van Abbemuseum (NL) and M HKA (B). 

     Since we began collaborating, things in Ukraine have changed drastically, as you know. The unrest there and the crisis in Europe linked to it, have been an extra motivation for me to find new ways to keep our project in the air. We want to keep in touch and feel human.
     In 2014 The Flemish Representatives in The Netherlands offered 40 bags to visitors of the book presentation of Nick Ervinck at Museum Beelden aan Zee, and The Van Abbemuseum offered 5 bags to the jury members of the Theodora Niemeijer award. Super!

300 bags!
Now, we started 2015 with some real good news: one of the finest Belgian museums, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens has ordered 300 bags from us! I made two special drawing designs for them which we start producing very soon...

The great thing about big orders like this, is that in these unsettling times we can keep our communication and valuable exchange going. Moreover, Varia and Vitaly can continue the work on their house, support their family and involve workers from their village. The traffic and talking between all parties involved is the most valuable part of this project. I am very happy that Museum DD has shown such interest in our project, and that they will soon be using and spreading our beautiful bags.

    I am very much looking forward to my reunion with Varia and Vitaly next week, to experience with them their current life, and to work together physically which will surely bring joy to us all.
 I hope to be posting news from there soon.
And of course, I encourage you to visit Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens (in a few weeks)!

watch more of our bags here

We need to connect and exchange, in order to survive!