16 april 2012


Past weekend was orthodox Easter. It meant that Varia, Vitaly and me left the sweet village of Korotich at 3 in the morning of Sunday to go to church in Kharkiv, or at least to taste some of the atmosphere in and around the church. I never witnessed an Easter like this. Masses of people quietly walking around with baskets of typical Easter bread, eggs and other nice food with burning candles in it, to end 40 days of "fasting", in the middle of the night. And waiting in line around the church to get a blessing on their food.

After that, we drove to Sacha's and Ira's 'cribb', where we arrived at around 5am. Their house reminded me of one of those programmes on MTV where you get to see the stars and their big houses. Anyway, nothing wrong with that, because Easter here really means you MAY NOT work. Instead, you HAVE TO eat, drink, hang in the couch and be lazy all day. I appeared not to be as bad at that combination as I would have expected...

above: Ira and Sacha

We ended the day with barbecue and some dancing in the garden on awful music.
And then Varia and Vitaly, who during the past week had started to be like guarding angels to me, had to drop me off in the city again.
VARIA AND VITALY, SPASIBO for everything you did for me!
I had a wonderful week in Korotich with you and all the people that I met thanks to you!